Mr Collins Archie-Pearce is a Sierra Leonean and a Film Producer, director, Promoter, Actor Script Writer and a Theatre Director. He has lived in the UK since 1991 and has featured in several Nollywood/African Movies both here in the UK and abroad, including: Rubicon, Amina, Shameful Deceit, Battered, Ibu in Sierra Leone, "London na wa", The Soul, Otega and his Enemies, The King Maker, Complicated, Broken, “I can’t get you out of my mind”, National Virus, The Devil in Freetown, Love counts, etc.

My love for the entertainment industry is enormous, to the extent that I endeavour to attend each and every Nollywood or African function pertaining to the entertainment industry.


About Me

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C. Archie-Pearce

Mr Collins Archie-Pearce is happily married with a wife and three children. He has featured on national television here in the UK for the past nine years, playing the role of a business tycoon in a TV drama series titled "Everyday life" (which was showing on four sky television channels in the UK). He is not only an Actor and multi-award winning Movie Producer but also the founder and CEO of Archie-Pearce Production Ltd.

Archie-Pearce Production Ltd is an accredited UK based private limited film Production Company instituted and registered in England and Wales registration No: 8672246. The company has achieved very high success with past movie projects and has gained recognition for 'superior quality and excellence' in movie production. It specialises in the writing, acting, directing, producing, editing, marketing and distribution of movies and other entertainment productions.

Mr Collins Archie-Pearce has also built a great portfolio managing the successful careers of top Nollywood Actors including:

Patience Ozorkwo, Desmond Elliott, Van Vicker, Osita Iheme (Pawpaw), John Okafor (Mr Ibu), Chinere Wilfred, Okey Bakasi, Lanre Balagun, Anthony Monjero, Victoria Inyama, Atto Erick, Joannes Maier, Ifunaya Igwe, Adaeze Ngozi, Chinwe Owoh, Kenneth Okonkwo etc. Patience Ozorkwo, Desmond Elliott, Van Vicker, Kenneth Okonkwo and many more.

He also manages non-Nollywood Actors including:

Desmond Finney, Christiana Kamara, Tyron Da Prince, Heaven Jay, etc.

Collins Archie-Pearce’s company (Archie-Pearce Production Limited) key Stakeholders include:

Mr C Archie-Pearce - CEO and founder

Mrs C Paul Wright - Secretary

Mrs D Rannigan - Personal Assistant

Mr R Hanciles - Technical Director

Mrs Harris - Public Relations Officer

Mrs Smart - Public Relations Officer

Mr George - Company Accountant

Miss Musa - Legal Adviser

The company's founder and CEO, Collins Archie-Pearce, has in no time gained recognition for 'superior quality and excellence' not just as a movie producer but also as an individual. His last venture 'Ibu in Sierra Leone' achieved a well deserving "rare" 10 out of 10 by the Nollywood critic Babso Nollywood Movies Reviews and Ratings with special emphasis on quality.

He has a massive fan base and also has a proven track record of doing things "bigger and better" each time. He's first ever movie production 'perfect Plan' did not only draw in the crowd with well over a thousand supporters and attendees but was also "the most talked about Nollywood movie of the year 2012".

His follow up project 'Ibu in Sierra Leone' exceeded expectations and far surpassed the success of 'Perfect Plan', drawing in the biggest ever crowd in a Nollywood movie premier and winning several awards and recognitions of which includes "Best Movie Premiere" by Sierra Leone Excellence Awards.

As an Actor, I have seen so many producers struggling to put together a flawless production and wasting unnecessary funds in getting things done.

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C. Archie-Pearce

Promoting talent is one of my passions and I'm always interested in providing whatever possible assistance to help individuals actualise their dream.

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis

C. Archie-Pearce