Leaving in London and travelling to Sierra Leone to shoot a movie was very challenging, but the good news is, that’s my motherland and it was like going back home. Indeed, I faced some challenges which included: getting time off work to travel to Sierra Leone, transporting the main actors from London and Nigeria to

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Ibu In Sierra Leone

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transporting the main actors from London and Nigeria to Sierra Leone and also working towards my deadline as I needed be back in the UK within a specified time. Other challenges I face was the weather in Sierra Leone, as it was too hot to contend with. The traffic congestion was another thing which was causing crew members and cast to get to location late.


The Director John Solo, is the best script writer in Sierra Leone, who has been training movie directors as well. He

was trained by the British media personnel in Sierra Leone and he has made a name for himself in the movie industry in Sierra Leone. He

has been in the business for over 15 years. He is very professional and knows a lot about film directing/ making. He was able to fit in well with the production team and worked together to achieve our goal. The D.O.P was Raymond Finney who happens to be the brother of the lead actor Desmond Finney. Raymond Finney has been doing the DOP and editing jobs for over two decades now and he is one of the best DOPs in Sierra Leone. He is very professional in what he does and was always the first crew member to report to location during the shooting of the movie. Raymond worked as a team in such a professional manner that I was inclined to personally commend him

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as the best DOP I have ever worked with. In short, the crew worked diligently to ensure the production is completed before my departure date. They synergised accordingly to ensure we didn’t cut corners, but professionally addressed each and every scene. It wasn’t easy to get the full cooperation of the team at the start, but I had to again use managerial skills to get their full cooperation. Desmond Finney played the lead role and has been in the business for over two decades. He’s featured in over 15 Nollywood Movies and 30 African/Sierra Leone movies. Mr Ibu played the supporting lead role and was extremely brilliant. Ifunanya Igwe from Nollywood,

(Nollywood fastest upcoming actress), was extremely fantastic. She showed total commitment to the task and was a role model to some of the junior actresses. Fatima Jabbe was in a league of her own, her performance was out of this world and I wouldn’t be surprised if she is awarded best actress for 2013/14. I was also at my best and I proved to the world that I am not only a producer but a world class actor. We were all pulling our weight and gave our ultimate best to ensure was achieve our goal.

I hope to achieve great success. My aim is to get as many people as possible to watch the movie, which will in

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turn reveal to the world that Sierra Leone is also doing great in the movie industry. Secondly, I want the world to see African movies taking a different dimension, thereby elevating it to another level. I also want to be recognised as a prolific Sierra Leone film producer who aims to put his country on the map. Lastly I hope my movie will be nominated for different awards.

I am expecting some top dignitaries from Sierra Leone to attend the premiere and the Sierra Leone High Commissioner to the UK will definitely be attending as well. Mr Ibu should be attending and most likely Desmond

Finney (who played the lead role), from Sierra Leone. If all goes according to plan, Ifunanya Igwe from Nigeria should also be attending and a suprise guest. Fatima Jabbe and all the Sierra Leonean actors and artist will be attending to show their support.